Heartbreaker Purse-Leather Goods-Jackalope Milk-Black Fur-On-Hide-Jackalope Trading Company
Heartbreaker Purse-Leather Goods-Jackalope Milk-Jackalope Trading Company

Heartbreaker Purse

This Jackalope Milk sweetheart was made to accessorize those chilly hearts that stray away from the rosy notions and palette of the cutie pie style.

Made with durable 6oz leather interior, its semirigid shape will soften slightly and only get better with age. Choose blue suede or black fur-on-hide for a flashier little number. Adjustable strap may be worn up to 55” long with a magnet snap closure.

We are proud to handpick mill-end leather for most of our products. That's leather that was discontinued or cast off for slight imperfections in color, texture, or blemishes. It means we are salvaging material that could find its end in the trash otherwise. It also means there are slight differences in the colors and textures of our bags.

Small scars on the leather are a reminder that this was once a living beast. We celebrate and respect that fact and find these little marks beautiful. But be assured - we are careful to avoid all unsightly imperfections and anything that would effect the durability of our products.

Approximately 8” by 7”